Your Future Flight school – Sinu tulevane lennukool

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PPL and LAPL training

We know that time is the thing our students value the most that is why our training is flexible and oriented on the individual students' needs

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Distance learning

At TMG ATO we give you the opportunity to set your own study times with our distance learning programme

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Flight training takes place in Ridali airfield, situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty and with undisturbed airspace

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Our priority is to make your dream become a reality

Welcome to TMG ATO

Whether you want to Learn to Fly, undertake advanced pilot training or gain further ratings, or just wish to experience the thrill of flight on one of our fantastic Trial Lessons or Adventure Days – THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!


Our flight school offers pilot training for students who have never had any flight training at all and those who have had some level of training. Regardless of your flight experience, we can take you to your next goal. For instance, you may be looking to earn a Private Pilot License (PPL) for recreational flying. Or, your dream job may be working on an airliner and you need to work towards earning your Commercial Pilot License (CPL). Most importantly, our pilot training is designed to fit your individual needs. In other words. we meet the requirements of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA) worldwide. Furthermore, all aspects of the training syllabus, Safety Management System, aircraft and Instructors are continually monitored and audited to exceed the highest industry standards. 



  Our latest news: Advanced UPRT course available

                                      Our flight training takes place in Estonia

                                                    RIDALI (EERI)    



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